title audio samples

On The Edge

Tense, building track, featuring varied percussion and some electronic and sound design elements.

Wide Spaces

Constantly evolving, positive music. Modern orchestral piece, with a recurring guitar hook, ethnic instruments and gentle percussion.

Hour After Hour

Dark, tense, mysterious theme. Featuring a mix of electronic and orchestral instruments.

Midsummer Lullaby

Lilting Celtic tune played by a traditional Irish instrumental ensemble. Featuring Irish whistles, Celtic harp and acoustic guitar.

Fields Of Bamboo

Gentle, expressive Chinese melody played by traditional ensemble, featuring a live bawu lead.

Through The Narrow Streets

Passionate folk music with a modern twist. Accordion, clarinet and violin share the lead in this hot-blooded track.

Guiding Star

Magic-fantasy theme featuring a full orchestral arrangement.

Step By Step

Lounge track using mostly synthesized instruments, featuring a mute trumpet solo lead.

Jungle Walk

Ethnic instruments and synth effects provide a rhythmic jungle ambience.

The Glasshouse

Ethereal, quirky underscore track. Plenty of glassy effects and driving beat.


Light-hearted, swinging jazz track featuring violin and horns.


Slow, atmospheric piece for solo piano.

On The Inside

Slick, contemporary track with driving soft beat.

Something Wrong?

Quirky comedy cue with orchestral instruments and featuring a selection of percussion instruments.


Melancholic, quirky acoustic track. Featuring double bass, woodwinds and percussion.


Funk-influenced track incorporating a range of electronic synthesized sounds, combined with some acoustic virtual instrument samples.

Hanged Cello

Modern classical-inspired composition with layers of cello, combined with percussion and hang drum.

Bloodline Of The King

Song used for the film 'Born Of Hope'. Composed by Jon Glew, orchestrations by Kevin Webster.